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Bear in mind that you’re underclocking your graphic card at your own risk.Solution 9 – Clean your graphic card Sometimes Nvidia driver crash can be caused if your graphic card is overheating.The Nvidia ION chipset was used in affordable Intel Atom based Nettop PC’s released in 2009 onwards.

This is an advanced process, and if you’re not careful, you can cause permanent damage to your computer.Lin HES R8.3 brings updates to the kernel, system libraries, nvidia drivers, the latest Myth TV 0.27.4-fixes, and many other parts of Lin HES.Lin HES R8.3 now includes the option to install Plex Home Theater. Upgrading from R8.2 can be done as follows: Wait a couple minutes after it completes and reboot.Solution 1 – Remove your currently installed drivers and install the latest version If Nvidia driver keeps crashing on Windows 10, perhaps the best solution is to completely remove the problematic driver and install the latest version.To do that, follow these steps: Solution 2 – Stop automatic driver updates and download older version of Nvidia drivers In certain cases, older drivers can work better than the latest version, so you should try downloading older Nvidia driver, maybe even the version for Windows 8.For more information on how to uninstall graphic card drivers, have a look at our previous solution.

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