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“Telu” is derived from a Javanese word meaning “three”, a laughing at topics we agree in and saying “true” (pronounced as “te-lu”).

Most people think that speed dating is only for people desperately looking for love.

You have a handle on the subject – the introduction briefly discusses the history of the church and its bells with lots of nice numbers as they tell you the year it was built, etc. Though this was a ‘starter’ programme I discovered when I was first activated, it’s something I still like listening to, just because I like bells.

And that is part of the joy of being able to hear – to find out more about the world. And one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get up for 8am on 27 July 2012 to hear all the bells ring (or as many of them as possible) to open the London Olympics.

Telephone derives from the Greek “voice, sound.” Imagine how much brainpower it took to make the transmission of voices over wire possible.

Still, when the first telephone was unveiled in 1876, one question remained: what should people say when answering?

In our conversations the word dating violence came quite often.

We went there for a field visit to learn and exchange knowledge. Yes, it’s the sound of little bells tinkling – think for just such tinkling bells. It’s actually a relatively recent, deliberately-coined word, dating back only to 1831, by Edgar Allan Poe (The Bells), even if the root word goes back to Latin.From a group joke turned reality, we cannot believe how we were able to put up such an interesting event even if we usually get raised-eyebrows and half-hearted giggle from those who are too conservative with the word “dating” or worst, “speed dating”.It was in September 2013 that we put up Telu Events.However, based from what we saw and experienced, this is not always the case! We also have a new partner, Maiah, who took the place of Anna for Marketing as she’s currently exploring life outside of the country. You may check our Facebook, Twitter or Blogsite for updates.

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