Wife is dating a woman


You are dealing with someone who has lost the companionship of long time spouse, and is probably working through the grief of that loss and the challenges of caring for her as she declines It's important to get a better understanding of all the factors involved: is your friend's wife still mentally competent? Does your friend still visit her regularly, and is she aware of his presence when he is there? How do each of your religious beliefs affect this situation?Are there children involved, and how might your relationship affect them?Your life experiences are leading you to growth in understanding that could be helpful to others.It is always good when you can pause before judging yourself or another.This sounds like a very difficult situation; I wish you all the best of luck.There is an old saying that you can't help another unless you have walked in his moccasins.She has had repeated strokes and is not in the best shape in the world. He has begged me not to let anything happen to what we have. He can't take me places he wants to because he is afraid it will get back to his wife.It took him a few years to get me to cross the step to become involved with him. We do go places and I enjoy spending time with him, but it goes agains't everything I use to be believe in. Linda Adler is the director of Pathfinders Medical in Palo Alto, California.

First, I'd like to suggest that you change the way you are thinking about this situation: it's different than the one you experienced with your unfaithful husband.then upgrade your membership and contact us if you look for a serious relationship or if you are marriage minded with a goal of having a family. Our dating agency will contact regularly you by mail or phone to recommend compatible men or women, potential partners based on the criteria you selected, till we find your partner.There are literally thousands of singles Romanian women looking for love, romance and marriage.Our matchmaking agency has a big experience in personal dating.We arrange real matrimonial dating, not online dating. We help men and women to find a partner for marriage in Romania.What I'm suggesting is that you start to think of this situation in less black and white terms, (is this right or wrong) and look into all the variables involved.

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