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He's been the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls for 30 years, but John Rzeznik still gets nervous in certain situations. If I don't have a guitar, I'm, like, a mess." The musician said that before performances he warms up his voice by singing vocal scales. We have the best fans in the world." Goo Goo Dolls released an EP called tour from July through September. Case in point: Reporters at a recent New York press day asked Rzeznik what song fans request most. "And then I tell myself: 'No matter what the situation is, I'm grateful to be here. People paid money to come see me play, so go do a good show.' And, then, some nights I have to run out onto the stage because once you run out, you can't come back," he said. Greg and Richard trade industry tales, chatting about mutual friends, life in Hollywood, meeting their heroes, bombshells, Vodka, and Greg's new book "The Smartest Book in the World". Comedian Jay Mohr joins Richard in-studio to discuss the passion behind the microphone.Jay describes his journey through Hollywood, landing his dream job on Saturday Night Live, learning from the great Buddy Hackett, and what drives him to be the funniest man in stand-up comedy. Producer/songwriter Toby Gad joins Richard to discuss his rise to success.Randall also wrote "Pearl Harbor ...…Songwriter Dean Pitchford joins Richard in-studio to discuss his quick rise to prominence in the world of entertainment.

When we first got some success, at that time it was really sort of necessary because you had to be in Los Angeles.

Last week I connected with Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik, who was on tour in Florida, to chat about his relationship with Robby Takac.

(You can read my Takac profile here.) The conversation with Rzeznik extended far beyond a few soundbites about his bandmate of 30 years, and I think it's worth sharing. I figure there’s got to be a way to outsmart the kid.

Best known for co-writing several #1 hits such as "All Of Me" with John Legend, "If I Were A Boy" with Beyonce, and "Big Girls Don't Cry" with Fergie; Toby shares his path to recognition in the music industry, a journey that started in his hometown of Munich, Germany.…Writer/Director Randall Wallace joins Richard in-studio to discuss the passion behind the projects.

Best known for writing the screenplay to the historical drama, "Braveheart", Randall talks about how he discovered the legend of William Wallace, and how he came to write one of the decade's most successful films.

I just want my daughter to be respectful and nice to people. He has to defer to his wife a bit at times, because she’s in the mix of it every single day. And it’s always been me and Robby making the hard decisions and making the sacrifices that needed to be made. It was incredibly frustrating for both of us to figure out a way to communicate with each other. You’re going to do what you want, because that’s part of it ... Nobody knew which guy was walking in the room, so after a while, everybody just kind of went, "Whoa, OK, we don’t know which John is going to walk into the room, so we’re all going to kind of like keep a safe distance." And it sucks, because it just kind of perpetuates the isolation of it. I told him to go ---- himself, because I felt like, "Everybody is trying to control me." The scary part of alcoholism and addiction and that is until a person is ready to stop, they’re not gonna, and there’s nothing anyone can do. And the unfortunate part is sometimes people die because of that. Luckily that didn’t happen to me, and he was there when I finally came out of the dark.

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