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I’ve always wanted to see you dressed in an outfit like this.I thought it might be fun for us to pretend we were meeting for the first time and I would seduce you into my bed.After a year of hard work my project was finally finished. Fortunately, the school year was ending and my wife Brenda would be rapping up her teaching duties in the next day or two.She had let me know a month earlier that she was ready for a little time off. Unlike typical weekly TV shows, each episode of a live variety show is planned in a “just in time” fashion. The series gave viewers a behind the scenes look at the intensity with which each new weekly variety show is planned and executed.She was definitely very excited about the surprise.I paid the check and we hurried back to the hotel room. Brenda had hurried ahead and had opened it with her own key.

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We were so tired after all the days’ activities that we went straight to bed. Just before dark we had dinner at a nice restaurant.

No matter what happens during the week, the show must be completely planned and ready to air at a fixed time.

And it must be good enough every week to keep viewer ratings very high or risk cancellation.

As I left the room, my mind tried to guess what my beautiful but reserved wife would look like in the outfit. Brenda had always been very conservative in her dress and demeanor.

I wandered around the hotel trying to imagine what the evening would bring.

I was a little disappointed that we hadn’t reserved the energy necessary to make love before retiring. During the meal I told Brenda that I had a surprise for her back in the room. As we waited for the check she became annoyed at the waiter’s slowness.

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