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Also her book was written before apps were this popular. For the record she does recommend the girl chipping in on later subsequent dates.

I will say I've been on A LOT of online dates and less than 10% of guys I've been out with have not paid for the whole tab.

I cut off a girl from work after she had been knowingly leading me on for 2 months. Or maybe I should send her a very simple message: "why".

I'm talking hardcore leading on, like she let me kiss her just to see if I would. Hello, I come from a culture (South Indian) that is for the most part conservative.

She would have me drive out to meet her multiple times, but then always be like "oops, I have to go" as soon as I got there. Me: Sorry, but it's obvious you never meant for our thing to go anywhere. But I happen to be the opposite of it, be it my views or ideologies.

I'm having a debate with friends and wondering what you all think. I'm a reader of Jess Mc Cann and she says that if he doesn't pay for the first date he's clearly not interested.

I've been on a lot of dates and they usually pay but is it to much to assume that he's not interested if he doesn't pick up the whole check?

After a stunt like this, I would never believe anything my partner said because I would think it was just a prank.

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