Want to end a 4 year dating relationship


Like nervous excited; I almost felt as if I shouldn’t be there.She hasn’t visited before and me and my bf live together, he’s known her for maybe 5 months.So, we’re moving into our house (renting) on August 1st but I won’t be there.I’m going on a vacation on August 4th thats been planned by my family for a year.Also, there is a bit more backstory on his issues with attachment (with exes and such) and he also has issues with inappropriate behaviors with female friends. One other side note that’s also sketchy, is that he once went over to this coworkers house after work to help her install speakers late at night? We’ve been dating for a year and a half, I’ve learned that he has weird female relationships that are inappropriate. We’re finally getting a place of our own and closing the distance.I don’t really want to get into those details, but I feel that that is important to know. We haven’t had sex in a while, he rejected me last time. He lives in Canada and I live in the States so for me I’m moving quite far, its about an 8 hour drive. He always thinks I’m choosing my family over him, which I tell him is not correct since I’m moving away to be with him essentially.

I made a lot of mistakes I wasn't aware of what I had done.I don’t want to nag, she doesn’t “owe” me anything but I really need it for the intimacy and connection. An occasional peck when we say goodnight or goodbye.Talking to her about the situation she tells me that since she’s a mom now she just doesn’t feel like it.My BF (28m) and I (25f) have been together a year and a half. A few days ago I tried to initiate sex, which I was turned down for.Right before we were “official”, after sex once he started talking to me kind a weird (he was very tired too? Last night, he was excited about a coworker of his (27f) coming over to visit.The night he was having a female friend over he called me her name in bed. Anyways, my family basically refuses to awknowledge him as my boyfriend and wont meet him.

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