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He always wanted to become something more than just a peasant.

Help his dream to come true and get laid with hot princesses.

This Empress has been ruling over the society of Wood Elves for countless generations.

All of the members of the elven nation rely on her beauty, wisdom, and strength to get them through any trial...

Elves are the most gorgeous mythical creatures in the world, and their magic helps our planet breathe with natural life and aids creatures of the earth. A big royal wedding ceremony is about to begin right in the heart of this enchanted forest!

Help the charming elf princess bride look ravishing on her special day and put together fantastic dazzlin...

This is actually part of the original Kabbalistic aesop behind the Golem tale: the danger of creating a Golem is in its unknown nature.

The entry of the golem into popular culture as a fantasy monster is probably , which called the classic version a "clay golem", and included other types such as Stone, Iron, or the Frankenstein's Monster-like "Flesh Golem".

More loosely the term can be applied to any robot that is explicitly run on magic rather than technology.

Talos, a mythical Greek giant made out of forged bronze, is a good example.

It was generally unable to speak, lacked a soul, and followed orders like an automaton.

The original Hebrew word can mean "an unshaped form" or figuratively "a stupid person".

In some versions of the legend, the golem always obeyed its creator but could act as a Literal Genie; the idea of the golem deliberately rebelling was only introduced later.

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