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You can also use the third test in the validator to experiment with different IP addresses your mail might come from with different records and see that you get the results you expect.The first two tests can tell you if the syntax of your record is correct.This is the only one that can tell you if the content of the record is right for your e-mail sending architecture.If you get stuck, free support and professional consulting services are available.The Council of Validating Universities is the only body in the UK specialising exclusively in good practice and standards for that aspect of higher education which concerns the validation of programmes of study by universities and colleges (‘awarding institutions’) for delivery by other colleges or organisations (‘partner institutions’).The term ‘collaborative provision’ is often used to describe this form of partnership.

To get a valid email id we use a regular expression /^\w ([\.-]?

The CVU was formed in 1982 and registered as a charity in 1996.

It became incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 28th October 2004 (Company Number: 05272761).

Using an electronic filing PIN is no longer an option.

Generally, tax software automatically enters the information for returning customers.

This occurs through the regular workshops and seminars on specific topics and we have a Members’ Forum providing speedy consultation on any issue on which views and information may be helpful to members.

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