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This paper reviews the currently available tools for the clinical measurement of the disease activity in Ps A.

The composite measures for Ps A that take different disease domains into account will also be reviewed.

The Indi Go A320 type rating program is self-sponsored, the pilot will fund himself/herself for the type rating program.

A320 type-qualification training, which follows Indian DGCA requirements, will be conducted at any location within the CAE network – location will be assigned and communicated to the selected candidates. Indi Go Pilot Program (JFO) 10th March 2018 Written Test Result Aviation knowledge test: Questions are based on DGCA CAR SECTION 7 Flight Crew Standards Training and Licensing. The ‘cool off’ period, which is the minimum duration a candidate is required to wait before reappearing for the test, will be determined by Indi Go from time to time and communicated by CAE to the applicants.

The number of candidates allowed for the second phase (CASS testing) and assessments thereafter will depend on Indi Go’s Junior First Officer (JFO) hiring requirement.

All candidates who score the minimum pass marks, as decided by Indi Go, shall be intimated individually by CAE.

: Indi Go will provide Pilots transportation to and from the airport, either by providing pilots a taxi allowance, or by providing company-paid pick-up and drop-off service for flight duty, depending on location.

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The assessment of disease activity in Ps A should therefore evaluate each of these clinical domains carefully.

An accurate measurement of disease activity is essential to guide the medical therapy and monitor the treatment response.

The pilot will be liable to pay all taxes, airport charges, etc. The allotment of the base will be at the discretion of the company. Of these eight (8) days, four (4) days will be inviolable.

A Pilot may be required to fly the Company’s aircraft from any designated Company Domicile.

The cost of CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS) is 600 USD and is non-refundable. We encourage you to keep your information complete and up to date. In case of any difficulty in completing the online application, please contact us at .

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