Usps tracking not updating december 2016 dating american girls guys

Most everyone has heard, at one time or another, the old slogan attributed to the United States Postal Service: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” These days, it seems, those appointed rounds are anything but swift, taking some carriers late into the gloom of night.And for an agency beset with financial woes and staffing shortages, the problems may not end there — in the Bay Area, evidence has grown in recent years of chronic problems with deliveries delayed not by hours but days, and mail dropped off at the wrong addresses by harried carriers rushing to complete marathon routes.When I call to pick it up I was told to pay 7,400 naira as custom charges for an item less than 1.5that the normal charges? AND IT HAS ARRIVED NAIJA SINCE JANUARY 18TH, AND THE STATUS IS CUSTOM CLEARANCE SINCE 3 DAYS, PLEASE CAN ANYONE GIVE ADVICE ON HOW TO GO ABOUT IT.

The number of people shipping packages everywhere increase in December and normal package that was suppose to spend 5 Business days to arrive might takes 10 Business days, the one that supposed to take 2 weeks might take one month or 3 weeks to arrive.Shipment will return to normal come January, the actual day they are suppose to spend in transit will be the actual day they will arrive.Please help, I have a package (six ps4 game disc) that just arrived from Korea through nipost EMS.Hamzat10: Fellow Nigerian pleas I need your assistance, I'm expecting a package from usps, the last update I got from tracking is that it's custom clearance since 6th of January I've no luck story, what can I do please, this package is taking longer than expected..I have an item i've been tracking, 17track, aliexpress tracking and global seem to be suggesting the item is at my nearest post office, but i've gone their and the item is not their, whats the way forward?Susan Wengraf, a member of the Berkeley City Council, said that about a month ago she started seeing her mail delivered around 10 p.m. “It seemed unusual, but at least I was getting mail,” Wengraf said.

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