Updating windows update agent


To ensure that customers have the latest security updates by default, AWS keeps Windows AMIs available only for three months.

After releasing new Windows AMIs, AWS makes the Windows AMIs that are older than three months private within 10 days.

Since they have been installed they have gotten 0 updates.To be notified when new AMIs are released or when previously released AMIs are made private, subscribe for notifications using Amazon SNS.To subscribe to Windows AMI notifications AWS provides updated, fully-patched Windows AMIs within five business days of Microsoft's patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of each month).After an AMI has been made private, if you look at an instance launched from that AMI in the console, the AMI ID field states, "Cannot load detail for ami-xxxxx.You may not be permitted to view it." You can still retrieve the AMI ID using the AWS CLI or an AWS SDK. Therefore, we recommend that you write scripts that locate the latest AWS Windows AMIs by their names, rather than by their IDs.You can manually install only the updates that interest you, or you can start from a current AWS Windows AMI and build a new Windows instance.

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