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Instead of using Organizational Forms with Exchange and Outlook, creating workflows with Share Point Designer or input forms with Microsoft Info Path may be a better option.

This post was written by Ibrahim Benna With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Ibrahim Benna is a well-qualified technology expert, with a particular speciality in hardware configuration and providing Microsoft Best Practices for various network operating systems and network applications.

” The answer is “of course you can, but you cannot bring your public folders with you to Exchange Online”.

Microsoft does not have any migration tools that can handle the migration of public folders to Office 365.

It is excellent for this as well as offline reading purposes.

It can easily be connected to Outlook with similar functionality.

Alternatively, Share Point Online workflows can also be used to provide enhanced workflow functionality over public folders.

Below are a number of scenarios outlining how public folders are utilized and some possible workarounds: The most common use of public folders is to set up calendars, tasks and contact lists for the organization to access.Ibrahim possesses a thorough understanding of Microsoft network server technologies, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Server, Active Directory, and Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA).What are rules in Outlook and how can they help you manage your email?RWZ file where Filename is the name of the user that created the rule.You can also check which rules are client rules by clicking the Rules button under the Move section of the Home menu on the Ribbon. Any rules that run on the client with have “(client –only)” appended to the end of the rule.Client rules also will not run unless the same user who created the rule logs into Outlook. In Outlook, click the File tab and then click the Manage Rules and Alerts button. Also, if a server rules moves a message when Outlook is not running, a client rule that exists in Outlook and that applies to the message may not run.

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