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You may benefit from removing 2 to 3 pieces of furniture from each room. You can pay about 0 a month to place the furniture into storage or simply stack it neatly in the garage for free.At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.Since it's written to the Win PE registry, it's only temporary, and you don't need to worry about cleaning it up later, it goes away after the reboot.To add fields, click "Custom" right under the fields list. Choose the method to pull your info, in the example I’m using WMI Query to get the BIOS version.You must sign a codicil and get it witnessed in the same way as witnessing a will. Your new will should explain that it revokes (officially cancels) all previous wills and codicils.

If you want to test the scripts, replace echo with wscript.echo, then remove the wscript before using in bginfo. They work fine in PE, and that was good enough for me, I don't need them to be fancy.

All homes tend to sell for money after they are prepared properly for the market, and I would not let a small budget for home selling dissuade you.

After all, in some areas such as the bathrooms, buyers spend about 2 seconds peeking into those rooms.

Download BGInfo In the x86 folder is where the templates and images files are located. Here is my current template after a few additional modifications, which I go into more detail below.

This will also be the folder you add your custom files, but we’ll get to that later. BGI files are the bginfo “database” files that contain the template information (layout, options, background choice). Following Mike’s blog, I added the BIOS Mode & Secure Boot Fields, as well as the Make & Model information (WQL Query), pulled directly from his post.

This is why you get a MININT-XXXXXX computer name and no workgroup, as Win PE isn’t in your domain, and auto generates the computer name.

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