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He often included nude or nearly nude figures in his religious paintings.

The same cold calculation that served to set Bronzino's portraits apart hindered his religious works, meaning they often seemed emotionally empty, even though the craftsmanship with superb.

Bronzino's portraits are immaculately realistic in detail with his subjects exuding blank, stoic expressions, yet with a sense of nobility and haughtiness.

His use of color is primarily what sets Bronzino's style apart from Pontormo's and earned him a permanent place among the great Italian Mannerists.

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Religious Painting: Although Bronzino is not known primarily as a religious painter he did paint religious subjects.Art historians have often struggled to identify the work of 16th-century Italian Mannerist painter, Bronzino.This is because he is notorious for adopting the style of his teacher, Jacopo Pontormo, so perfectly that some paintings are still debated as to their creator.Literary figures: In addition to being a painter, Bronzino was also a poet.It was his affinity to writing that inspired him to paint some of the leading Italian writers of his day.Bronzino's attention to detail was of the highest standard.

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