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Even those suffering from aging bodies and fading minds can learn to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of old age.

Though society often makes it difficult to face our fears of aging and death, seniors can enjoy their retirement years by embracing the freedom and renewed perspective that old age offers them.

In this groundbreaking TED Talk, Brown explains the traits of what she calls "whole-hearted" people, individuals who are truly open and connected to those around them.

Ultimately, Brown discovers, it is our courage to be honest about our vulnerabilities and our ability to show compassion for ourselves and others that allow us to be truly happy in our own skin.

A Roadmap to End Aging - Aubrey de Grey In this deeply profound TED Talk, scientist and theoretician Aubrey de Grey proposes that, within the coming decades, we will have the ability to prolong human life by decades or even centuries.

De Grey eloquently delves into the science behind rejuvenating the body in ways that will ultimately extend our lives.

She doesn't know yet, but she has observed that humans aren't the only ones who do it.

Next, she's turning her attention to why we choose one person to love over another, a question posed to her by

| 5548 views TED Conferences are some of the best places to discover new ideas and innovations today.

These talks are often given by world-renowned thinkers, scientists, and celebrities.

This incredible TED Talk proves that, with the right strategy and approach, online dating can truly result in meaningful, life-long relationships.

How to Live Passionately - No Matter Your Age - Isabel Allende In this refreshing TED Talk, famed Chilean-American writer Isabel Allende talks about aging with vivacity and grace.

Unfortunately, we also have a contradictory need for novelty, adventure, and variety, explains relationship expert Esther Perel in her thought-provoking talk.

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