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Aired 4-p ET • Trump Threatens NATO Allies; Cave Rescue Ongoing in Thailand. Intelligence Contradicts Trump, Says North Korea Maintaining Nuclear Program; Cohen Turning on Trump? Aired -5p ET • Trump Appointee Disputes Ideas That Leaders Need to Condemn Hate Speech; New Details Emerge on Newspaper Attack; NY Times: Rosenstein Felt Used by White House Comey Firing; Mueller Says in Court Docs Michael Flynn is not Ready to be Sentenced; Trump Summons Swing Vote Senators to White House.

Aired -5p ET • Protesters Rally Across Country; White House Briefing; U. Intelligence Contradicts Trump, Says North Korea Maintaining Nuclear Program. Aired 4-p ET • Source: Trump Wants to Make Supreme Court Pick by July 9; DHS Tried Family Separation Pilot Program Last Year; Comedian Claims He Pranked Called Trump On Air Force One.

Aired -5p ET • Scandal-Plagued EPA Chief Makes Commemorative Coins; How Long Will Kids Remain Apart From Parents?

; HHS: 2,458 Children Under 13 Years Old in Shelters.

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Aired 4-p ET • Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Officers for Election Meddling; Trump Tries to Salvage Relationship During UK Visit; Trump Denies Criticizing British P.

M., Audio Contradicts That; Protests Erupt In London Over Trump's Visit.

Aired -5p ET • Republican Bigotry on the Ballot? Aired 4-p ET • Republican Bigotry on the Ballot?

• Trump Tries to Walk Back Russia Statements; Interview With Utah Congressman Chris Stewart; Interview with Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.

Aired -5p ET • Trump Tries to Walk Back Comments From Russia Press Conference.

Aired -5p ET • President Trump Wants No Due Process for Border Crossers?

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