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Will you give her an extravagant present like, say, expensive perfume that she may or may not like to use? Yet, on a first day, I am sure that you want to be, and not just one of those ordinary men she might have dated in the past.

It is understandable that you want the first date to be worth remembering.

That is why he never fails in life, he surrounds himself with people who are either like him or better achieved than him. They workout regularly, this also helps them become more focused on their goals and ambitions. They never rush things, they are always in control. He will therefor have enough time to observe and think through his strategy.22. The alpha male is a great communicator both verbal and non-verbal.

This is why most Alpha’s are well built and all masculine.19. Alpha males will always see the positive side of things and make the best out of what they have. They have a way of having there audience eat at their every word. He shows his feelings through positive body language and is not afraid to show his sexual side. When you call them () they will take their time to turn their head and focus on you.

He has a penchant for cougars, and is a frequent wingman and travel companion of Girls Chase’s Alek Rolstad.

Halvor works as an engineer, and like Alek, hails from Scandinavia.

Wear clothes that you are confident and comfortable with. Start with easy topics, like hobbies, interests, or movies.

Don’t wear tight jeans if they make your belly uncomfortable. Wash your shoes if you haven’t washed them for months. Don’t bug the girl with topics about you, and you, and you again! The first date is the perfect time to get to know her better.

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Find out about her eating habits and order something she’d like.

Relax and choose your words carefully, but be careful not to hesitate a lot. Holding hands or walking arm in arm is too premature for a first date.

Women like men who are decisive and know what they want from life. But make smart decisions and take in consideration her needs and wants as well. If in everyday’s life you are comfortable with casual clothes, then don’t change them with a black leather jacket and tight jeans just because she loves heavy metal songs. It’s always best to play safe and avoid extreme physical contact.

Does that mean that you should be a weak, submissive man? There is a kind of strong man who is not the alpha male in its original sense but who may actually be a better archetype for many students of seduction.

Halvor Jannike is a student of behavioral psychology and cognitive reconditioning.

Don’t take her outdoors if she’s not a fan of outdoor activities, nor take her to watch action movies if she hates them.

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