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This listing puts the entire series of films in their correct running order.

The feature films are of varying lengths, and are shown on both BBC and ITV channels at various and oft repeated times.

Rumpo Kid Sidney James Judge Burke Kenneth Williams Belle Joan Sims Marshal P Knutt Jim Dale Charlie Percy Herbert Annie Oakley Angela Douglas Josh Davy Kaye Little Heap Bernard Bresslaw Big Heap Charles Hawtrey Doc Peter Butterworth Sam Sydney Bromley Kitikata Sally Douglas Sheriff Earp Jon Pertwee Dolores Edina Rowney (1965 ITV 105-minutes) Carry On Screaming The team tackle a blood-curdling missing persons investigation.

Detective Sergeant Bung is led into the strange world of the mysterious Doctor Watt and his vampish sister Valeria.

Desmond Simkins Kenneth Williams Daphne Honeybutt Barbara Windsor Harold Crump Bernard Cribbins Charles Bind Charles Hawtrey Chief Eric Barker Lila Dilys Laye Carstairs Jim Dale Cobley Richard Wattis Doctor Crow Judith Furse Head Waiter John Bluthal (1964 BBC/ITV 85/90-minutes B&W) Carry On Jack The first Carry On costume comedy, and only the second in colour; mock mutinies, plank-walkings and general mayhem ensue as the Carry On team attempt to take on the might of the Spanish Armada.

The year is 1805, and aboard the good ship Venus is Captain Fearless, who hates the sea and cant stand violence.

During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital.

Matron romances supercilious Doctor Tinkle, Mr Roper smokes under the bedclothes, Sandra May pops out of her nurses uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut.

Initially they perform their duties very badly, but when they discover their captain is due to be posted away, they pull out all the stops to persuade him to stay.

Meanwhile, Mark Anthony has designs on the imperial throne, and on Cleopatra. Caesar Kenneth Williams Mark Anthony Sidney James Hengist Pod Kenneth Conner Cleopatra Amanda Barrie Horsa Jim Dale Seneca Charles Hawtrey Calpernica Joan Sims Spencius Warren Mitchell Gloria Julie Stevens Senna Pod Sheila Hancock Roman Citizen Wanda Ventham Agrippa Francis de Wolff Galley Slave Captain Peter Gilmore Soothsayer Jon Pertwee With: Victor Maddern, Brian Oulton, Tom Clegg and Michael Ward (1964 ITV) Carry On Cowboy Way out west, the peace of Stodge City is shattered when the dreaded Rumpo Kid rides into town and guns down the sheriff.

Caesar: Friends, Romans- Mark Anthony: -Countrymen. Knutt, a travelling salesman, finds himself suckered with the job of making the town safe, with some secret help.

Sir Rodney Ffing Sid James Citizen Camembert Kenneth Williams Lord Darcy Jim Dale Duc de Pommfrit Charles Hawtrey Desire Dubarry Joan Sims Citizen Bidet Peter Butterworth Jacqueline Dany Robin Robespierre Peter Gilmore English Ladies Marianne Stone and Jacqueline Pearce (1966 BBC 87-minutes) Carry On Follow That Camel When Sergeant Bilko was demobbed, Phil Silvers came to England to play Sergeant Nocker of the Foreign Legion in this high-spirited satire of adventure epics.

Unjustly accused of being a cheat, Bertram Oliphant West joins the French Foreign Legion where he immediately falls foul of the obnoxious Sergeant Nocker and Sheikh Abdul Abulbul.

Sergeant Grimshawe William Hartnell Mary Sage Shirley Eaton Pvt Charlie Sage Bob Monkhouse Cpt Potts "the Perfect" Eric Barker Nora Dora Bryan Corporal Coppin Bill Owen Pvt Golightly Charles Hawtrey Pvt Horace Strong Kenneth Conner Pvt James Bailey Kenneth Williams Pvt M Hayward Terence Longdon Herbert Brown Norman Rossington Pvt Andy Galloway Gerald Campion Captain Clark Hattie Jacques Sergeant Paddy OBrien Terry Scott With: Bernard Kay, Brian Jackson, Arnold Diamond, Gordon Tanner, Martin Boddey, Frank Forsyth, Ian Whittaker, Edward Judd, Jack Smethurst and Cyril Chamberlain (1958 ITV B&W) Carry On Teacher To persuade their anti-caning headmaster not to leave the school at the end of term, some of the pupils of Maudlin Street School take to sabotage in a big way, especially when a famous child psychologist and a schools inspector arrive.

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