Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 software


I did an update on the SE website and that made no difference.I contacted Orange and there're sending another model to me this evening to try but I guess I'll get the same.SO I'm now going down to vodafone today to hopefully sort it and get a better phone. I want to update my phone using the update service of SE through Internet.My concern is the instruction on how to update, the last instruction is press and hold c.ALSO, I'm not happy with the vibration of the C702... I've already missed a couple of calls while the C702 was in silent mode in my pants pocket. Loud ringer (not as loud as my old W850i) and Walk Man level Media center is a joy to use.GUI has beautifully done details but does get sluggish sometimes. Battery life is good but I'll have to test it out more for the next few weeks. Hey gsm I was wondering if this phone has good sound quality because as i can see on the review people are saying the microphone sounds as if its muffed could someone plez help me cause i want 2 buy this phone and i dont want 2 have problems wit the microphone ?

This phone is going to be a bad mark for the Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot series. This phone is light, slim and stylish and is good at recording on video for a mobile.

In the specification it lists the video camera to be QVGA. The 2.2 inch TFT display located on the upper front is well saturated, and photos look bright and colour on it.

i really recoment that phone to all interested ;-) bye now.

Has nobody had any problems with this phone at all then? - On phonecalls I can't hear the person I'm talking to when they can still hear me for about 5-6secs in every call. - Turns on and off occasionally and tells me it has an inactive sim.

- And only last night did it run out of battery, and when I plugged it into my charged it did NOT turn on.

The only other thing is the phones applications and software is basically the same all the time and has not changed much… Orange have already exchanged the handset as 1st one was a software problem but this one just as bad!

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