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Apple’s Siri is not the only mobile virtual assistant in town.

If you simply say, “Okay, Google,” the app launches. Once Google Now has figured out where you live and where you work — and it does this automatically, based on your daily habits — it will regularly show you an information “card” that estimates your commute based on time of day and location.

On some hardware, like Google’s own Nexus 5, you can also swipe left from the home screen and see your Google Now data, but this is only on certain phones. You can make this even more precise by telling the app whether you normally get around by car, bike, walking or train.

It will begin to calculate your commute based on this information.

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The company boasts that users produce a combined 5 million minutes of airtime per day.

It’s also tightly integrated into Google Search — in fact, Google Now exists within the Google Search app, which can make things even more confusing.

So, as a follow-up to Bonnie Cha’s Re/code column about Siri a couple weeks ago, this column is a series of tips and tricks that might help users understand and fully utilize Google Now.* Google Now is free.

It runs on any smartphone running Android 4.1 or later (and on some other devices, which I’ll explain below).

If your phone doesn’t have Google Now preinstalled, you can set it up by downloading the Google Search app to your phone.

(On the Samsung Galaxy S5 that I’ve been using, a swipe from the left brings me to a Samsung-made Flipboard-like app instead.) In many ways, Google Now works similarly to Siri. To do this, go into Google Now, scroll all the way to the bottom of your cards, and tap the magic wand.

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