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Now you can send free text SMS messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. All messages will be tagged with the sender IP address and sent to the recipient and will be turned over to law enforcement when requested. Txt2day does not condone spamming, harassment or illegal activity.Continue reading on August 5, 2017 We would like to show our appreciation and thank the following people We really appreciate it, for spending your time and effort to help us.You should know, that you also helped millions of people who use our service.Then you should get our free extension for Chrome Entertain & educate children Kids love hearing good stories, and it's also great for their development. Read out loud any page, directly from within the page Enhance your Chrome with in-page speech capabilities. Since you got here - you were probably looking for text-to-speech services.You can now have them listen to additional stories on top of those that mommy & daddy read them. Listen to news, wiki articles & more, directly on their websites. Cleans the page such that only main-content-text remains, so you can focus on what's important. So, we thought we can help with one more aspect of it. We only made the list - and verified each one on it to be the professional he claims.Use the ‘Rotate’ tool to rotate a picture 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, flip it vertically or horizontally or straighten it.

We’re not there yet - but - we can still help as we’ve started collecting professionals for our network. If you need a professional to read and record you text - fill out the following form or - simply send us an email to [email protected] reporting bugs & helping us find them Paul Joel Scott Montgomery For sending us great ideas we implemented Think you should be on this list? Continue reading on July 5, 2017 Watch the live comparison here.We just stumbled upon this very interesting You Tube, demoing live comparison of top speech to text solutions online.There is a number of pre-set crop ratios and a free crop.When saving an edited photo you can choose its format (or .png), quality and size.Remembers text and position - so you can stop and continue at any time. This route is not recommended for most websites since it is either low quality or expensive.

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