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Banned: Sausage sandwiches Talking of eating and drinking, don't expect to tuck into a full English breakfast every morning with a side of bacon, sausages and black budding.Importing pork products is forbidden, therefore making pork a banned substance.Banned: Driving, only if you're a woman Fancy a drive as a woman?Sure thing - as long as it's in the desert or inside private compounds, you're all good.In general, if the act committed is suspected to be 'haram' - something which might lead a person astray from Islamic faith - then suspicion alone is enough for a ruling.Did you know it's not okay to take pictures of people on the street in Saudi Arabia?Banned: Wearing anything red on Valentine’s Day It been reported that flower shops and gift shops are prohibited from selling red roses, anything heart-shaped or red for that matter on Valentine's Day.The rule was decided by the 'Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice' (CPVPV) It's thought the 'holiday' is not an Islamic occasion and it may lead people astray.

Banned: Learning a musical instrument at school The piano always looks good on a person's CV but if you want to learn as a child it has to be private tutorials.

There are 2 region features: “SHUTTER(0x08)” and “TVNTSC(0x10)”.

The first is most likely forcing the i Phone to make a shutter sound when taking photos which is required by law in Japan. Another example, “LL” is the United States, they also use NTSC so you notice “TVNTSC(0x10)” near the name.

In fact, it's against the law for non-Muslims to worship in public - and you won't find a Church in the whole country.

If anyone converts from Islam or abandons religion they face the death penalty.

Banned: Going to the cinema If you want to see the latest James Bond movie in SA you actually have to leave the country - why not make a weekend of it?

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