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The Paper Moon In every city I’ve visited with a dyke bar, they’re all about the same: kind of dive-y, usually some pool tables, a selection of regular bar flies and bad lesbian fashion.

Not really, but I do think Salt Lake is an up and coming city that’s becoming more progressive year after year.You kind of have to know someone to know what’s going on in the queer women’s and trans community here and where the queer women and trans people are.I think “The Advocate’s” evaluation of SLC as the “gayest city” is based on the gay male community, but not really the lesbian, queer, or trans community.The Piper Down The Piper Down isn’t actually a lesbian bar but you can usually find queer women hanging out at this place.It’s a traditional Irish pub and one of the managers used to own a second lesbian bar here, which has since shut down.), a pretty good sized smoking patio, dancing cages, a stage, and sometimes has bad fried foods in the back bar.

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