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i feel like a bigboss needs to come check out this property.

she is so rude and disrespectful to everybody even little kids went off on the other Tawanna grand kids in the lobby and made her step out the building to wait for her.

We asked about more towels, housekeeping claimed they were going to bring more to our room but you can guess they NEVER CAME!

Got up the next morning to see if I could get a towel to take a shower and NO ONE WAS THERE TO TALK TO AND THE NUMBERS THEY HAVE POSTER ON THE WALL WERE A WASTE OF TIME CAUSE NO ONE ANSWERED!

No they do not because the same stains in the same area s were there the whole time I was there, I had to dodge those areas everyday and they were old crusted on stains. Anyone reading this,, beware, because they do not care!!!!! Word of mouth can build a business and it can kill it.

Whoever decided to allow smoking in this building was obviously thinking only of money and not anyone’s health. I want my money back and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I come in contact with to avoid this hotel.

Today, I was hatefully door pounded at AM demanded payments or to vacate. I CAN NOT FATHOM OR UNDERSTAND WHY A GOOD PERSON – Who is quite and respectful has to suffer such belittling, demeaning, hostile treatment from a HOTEL Operation and ITS RUDE HATEFUL STAFF. The only person that knows what they are doing and does there job well is Christie Bolden she is very sweet.

Then again harassed at ~11AM via phone to pay or get out. This place is disguisting Reply I don’t understand how you are still in business especially after reading the complaints. I made the mistake of renting a room for a month at your Colorado Springs, Airport Crk Pt location and what a big mistake it was.

But every time I say something he gets mad and talk about kicking me out .i mean if I really could afford a lawyer I would and I would show my name I cant so that’s why mold in thi s hotel it sure is, im just waiting to get diagnosed so I can get a check.

Wood Spring Hotels has both franchise- and corporate-owned hotels and is growing at a pace of about two dozen hotels per year. Tagged as: Wood Spring Hotel address, Wood Spring Hotel complaint desk, Wood Spring Hotel complaints, Wood Spring Hotel corporate address, Wood Spring Hotel corporate office headquarters, Wood Spring Hotel customer complaints, Wood Spring Hotel headquarters, Wood Spring Hotel home office, Wood Spring Hotel main office, Wood Spring Hotel office address, Wood Spring Hotel office email, Wood Spring Hotel office fax, Wood Spring Hotel office phone, Wood Spring Hotel office phone number hello im a guest at Woodsprings suites here in Montgomery al, on 5/27/2018 I come down the hallway to the elevator, I here the employees Tawanna and the new housekeeper just cursing and making threats about thee co worker at the desk, and how giles is having sex with sam and how they hired the new maintained guy and how the police came to get him and how giles only wants white people to make been here along time staying here and so I know if I do a bad report on this they would kick me out,ive sen it property is crazy, buti have to stay here for the next 8new house housekeeper and Tawanna said something about the new girl taking her Tawanna said that they were gonna beat the s**t out of her.

Annual revenue for the company in 2014 was listed as 4 million. Question 1: What is the phone number for Wood Spring Hotel? that poor girl is so nice and I see they all pick and give her a hard time,but I think that type of stuff is dangerous for workers to plan on fighting another coworker the employees went to the office and hen I walked threw the lobby all you heard was tawnna yelling and cursing the new girl out. Tawanna and the new house keeper even stayed on property an extra hour and half on my floor just cursing and talking about the other Tawanna and edna on how messy the other Tawanna is and how they both halfa** clean the room and there grown a** grand kids .i just think this type of stuff shouldn’t be going on ,then I just heard giles going off ont the new girl a couple of weeks ago about talking to the guest its ok I see for all the other employees because I see both tawannas in guest rooms riding in her car they were talking about going out with one guest.

Founded in 2002 by Jack De Boer, the founder of other hotels, such as Residence Inn and Candlewood Suites, the company opened its first hotel in Witchita, Kansas, in 2003. The original name was Value Place Hotels and Suites, however, in April of 2014, the company decided to rename the hotel chain to Wood Spring Hotel or Wood Spring Suites, depending on the design of the hotel.

To keep costs low, Wood Spring Hotels average 4 to 5 employees per shift, about half of what other hotels employ. Names are being changed over the next few years, along with some remodeling plans.

According to franchise leaders, the company currently has 25 hotels under development at this time.

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