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To change your weight—whether you want to lose a few pounds, or more, and keep them off—or to ensure you don't succumb to the expanding-waistline syndrome, you must permanently adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it's not just all that tempting food that stands in the way of your efforts to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Most of us, most of the time can be found sitting—in front of a computer or TV, in a car, at a restaurant.

The flip side to teenagers feeling pressured to be thin is that some may have legitimate concerns about their weight that adults dismiss.Underweight women are susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, resulting in a loss of bone density and muscle tissue.A Word About Teens Teenage girls today feel a lot of pressure from the media, friends and sometimes their own parents to be very slim.On the flip side, some women are underweight, despite having tried to achieve or maintain a "normal" weight.Having a metabolism that burns too many calories can be as dangerous as being overweight.The answer to this weight loss/weight gain cycle lies in how you manage your weight on a day-in, day-out basis.

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