Sex chat met avatars

But while we’ve written posts about our favorite masturbation scenes, reasons why you should masturbate more and how some girls are afraid to masturbate, we’ve never actually shown you guys a bunch of facts about masturbation.

So the next time you're feeling the effects of PMS, try doing it solo for a little bit.

This sissy faggot doesn’t have a dildo to fuck himself with.

I guess it’s because if he actually buys a cock to fuck his sissy pussy with, he’ll have to really admit how much he loves cock. I thought hearing My loser bitch nibble on the carrot he was about to fuck himself with was funny, but this is right up there too!

That's actually completely false - masturbating frequently can help make your sex life better.

That's because you learn exactly what you like and how to get yourself off. Source: Shutter Stock And remember how I also said that masturbation helps you sleep better?

Once I got him really worked up, I told him to beg for the cum.

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