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I hauled my baggage out of the trunk grudgingly, then reached into the backseat of the car for my precious cargo; my laptop.

Anything in my bags could burn in hell for all I cared as long as my mechanical conduit to the online world remained intact.

"Now now Allie, you promised you'd be nicer to your brother this year." Dad merely chuckled as Allie hopped about, just out of my reach, like a wild a****l waiting for the right moment to pounce. You know we don't judge anyone for their preferences in this household," my dad said as he walked off to join mom in the kitchen.

"Why don't you help your brother get your things upstairs? "Wha- hey, it's not like that, I really don't have anything like tha- h-hey!

I quickly made my way down the corridor, and as soon as I got to my own room, I shut the door and locked it for good measure. She always found some way to torment me, and make my stay here that much more hellish than it needed to be. Since I had left home for college, mom and dad had been spending much more time out at the lake house, so to keep up with work and such they'd upgraded the Wi-Fi here.Your Mom and I are almost done getting dinner ready." "She is not touching my stuff." "Why not. Couldn't be weirder than that tentacle porn magazine I found in your bedroom." "Argh! " Allie, halfway up the half-spiral staircase, wrapped her scarf about herself and clutched onto the banister, putting on a show as if she was being dragged away by some tentacle monster against her will, and moaning as if being violated in the process. " I cursed under my breath as I scrambled up the stairs with my baggage in chase, but in vain." I almost dropped my bags again as I lunged at her. The sound of her laughter faded as she bolted up the stairs, down the hall and around the corridor to the relative safety of her room.I plugged my headset in, made sure it was working and my voice filters were set up, then I hit call and held my breath. "I've been in my room thinking about you, and I just couldn't stop touching myself." My cock began to throb in my pants, and I began rubbing it as she spoke; "Oh, that's really naughty. A good spanking." "You wouldn't possible lay your hands on your little sister would you? But big brother, you're not supposed to touch me like that! " "Mm, if you didn't want them to see this then maybe you shouldn't have teased me like such a little slut." "But then I'd never stop teasing you." "Oh yeah? "Yep." "Cum for me, I wanna hear you cum." "Think we can do it at the same time? I was so turned on I was certain that her orgasm sounds would be enough to send me over the edge. Tell me you want me to cum for you." "Mm, cum for me baby-" "Little sis! Normally I'd think that was sick but right now it was really sexy as fuck! I went to bed feeling pretty satisfied, and sleep came easily. "Well, those elves drop anything good for you today?" "Well if you keep teasing me like the little whore you are, I just don't know I can help myself? " "Yeah, let them watch me squirm like a bitch in heat while their son runs his hands all over my sexy little body." Part of me wanted to believe she was subconsciously describing herself. The next day, I had barely rolled off of the bed when I was at my laptop logging into Fantasy Realm, and started hacking away at some poor elven colonies. " "Nope." "Jeez, I dunno how you have the patience to keep killing them by the hundreds.I mean, this was precious down time from school that I could spend playing my favorite games! My little laptop couldn't hold a candle to my gaming rig, but I'd accepted for some time now that it was not practical to move that mechanical monster the 200 miles from my university apartment to this place. You'll make it." "Struggling to get up one teeny weenie little hill? * I shrieked, almost throwing my travel bag to the ground (not even a scare would make me take a hand off my laptop bag), as the words came whispered creepily right into my ear from behind me. " I tried to kick some snow at her as she came charging in at me again in a gleeful fit of giggles, but only succeeded in kicking up mud and slosh onto myself to her further delight. One false move and she'd be off with my clothes tossing it down the snowy hillside and leaving me with nothing to wear for the next two weeks.

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