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The later you marry the more likely you are to stay together.

You're more mature, you have more experience and you know yourself better.

There are basically two sorts of online romantic experiences.

First there are people who locate each other using Twitter, Facebook, My Space, MSN Messenger, chatrooms or virtual communities focusing on particular interests or concerns.

(And, incidentally, those meeting offline at school, church, or social occasions had higher levels of satisfaction than those who met their partner through work, family, bar, club or blind date.) Relate's Christine Northam said: "People I've met who meet online tend to be a bit older and a lot of divorced or separated people tend to go online.

When you're young or in a football team or something it happens more rapidly, so you don't need to look online.

And if you think that's excessive, how about the Romanian couple who met online, married, had a child, and named him Yahoo? The new University of Chicago study found those who met their spouse online reported higher marital satisfaction than those who did not.

You are, for example, 30, 40, or 50-something, employed and single.

You're never likely to be mistaken for a film star, but you're presentable, well groomed, and with no obvious anti-social habits. Offline, you might meet a dozen potential partners in a year.

Go online, and the pool you're fishing in is immense.

The latest figures show nearly six million Britons are using internet dating sites, an increase of 22 per cent over the year before. Many internet daters report people who lie about their weight, height, drinking or smoking.

And Rachel Lilley, 33, and Nigel Evans, 35, said they talked on the internet for a year before marrying in 2005.

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