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For instance, concerning the principal sponsors of the White Turf: BMW and Credit Suisse.Back in 1976, Credit Suisse was involved with the first horse race as a sponsor in St.This spectacular, major event is not just one with Champagne on ice for the rich and beautiful but an annual event where race-horse owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world meet up as well as being an unmissable fixture on the calendar for local people.It is thanks to the sponsors as well as the municipality of St Moritz and the local tourist board, who have been supporting White Turf for decades, to make this top-class race-meeting possible.

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A good gauge of his over-emotional state can be seen when the quality of his singing is affected by the state of his relationship with Eiri.This is amplified in the anime, where he frequently bursts into super deformed mode, a production choice which some find distracting, particularly when it occurs in the more serious scenes, but is in keeping with the manga, particularly later episodes.In the first few graphic novels, he is much more a typical high school kid with dreams of being a rock star.Setelah solat Zuhur, rombongan Team RND Pekida Pusat bertolak ke Putrajaya dengan diketuai oleh Dr.Dengan berpakaian seragam baju melayu hitam lengkap bagaikan sebahagian dari protokol atau istiadat majlis.Waktu itu diperuntukkan untuk lawatan VVIP, Duta Negara Asing serta raja-raja Melayu.

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