Rt updating bgp 0 0 0 0 0


Once the peering between two peers is UP, router starts a hold-down timer counting from 0 second up.

Every keepalive message it reachieved from the neighbor peer resets this timer back to 0 seconds.

If you are using Symantec or any 3rd party 2FA provider, such as through MS Azure, then you can decide to point your secondary AAA server to either an on premise 2FA gateway or a cloud thingy.So if you were to Wireshark capture Tunneled traffic, you would not see a TCP port, but an ESP header containing an SPI (security Perimeter Index), a sequence number, followed by an encrypted payload.SPI are a 32bit random number that is associated with an IPSEC sa.What sort of Forewall/VPN concentrator does this party have?Really could be anything, Juniper, Palo alto, Sonic I have had my fair share of pain getting VPN's set up inter vendor.This because you might be running a large number of tunnels which would result in large amount of debug information.

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