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Therefore, the teacher should state and enforce a no throwing rule of materials.The M&Ms can be eaten by the students at the end of the activity.Grouping Suggestions: The teacher should assign small groups (2-3 students) to ensure diversity within the groups.Teacher discretion is advised especially in the areas of mathematical abilities.

Note that the average of all of the groups' data more closely resembles the statistical probability of the change over time not the individual group's data.Pacing/Suggested Time: Three class periods (approximately 45-50 minutes for each period).Radioactive Dating Assessment Worksheet The activity worksheets need to be created by the teacher with information based off of the websites.Stress the fact radioactive decay is not random and is highly predictable based upon past empirical data.The small beads and M&Ms could be choking hazards or a projectile hazard.The teacher may assign groups or allow students to pick with whom they would like to work.

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