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If you want to display the data for lots of shapes at once, you can use a feature called data graphics, also on the Data tab.

The following illustration shows the data for two trees at once.

There are many ways to add text to shapes, but for now let's use the simplest way.

If you want to learn more ways to add text to shapes, see Add data to shapes and Add imported data to shapes.

Many Visio shapes have special behavior that you can find by stretching, right-clicking, or moving the yellow control handle on the shape.

For example, you can stretch a People shape to show more people, or stretch the Growing flower shape to indicate growth.

If you’re building an organization chart, shapes can automatically build the reporting structure.

The stencils that open with the Basic Flowchart template are called Arrow Shapes, Backgrounds, and Basic Flowchart Shapes.If there are a lot of stencils in the template, the title bar area will have a scroll bar and some title bars will be hidden; scroll to find them all.You can also expand the title bar area by dragging the bottom divider bar down, so all the title bars are visible.Drag an Auto Connect arrow from one shape and drop it on another shape.You get an arrow from the first shape to the second.Indiana’s social media presence is strong, so it should be no surprise that the program has already showcased a few brief clips of its offseason workouts this spring in recent weeks.

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