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Here are some basic laws followed in the State of Qatar.Qatar society, it is said, is not as liberal as the UAE or Bahrain, but is definitely more liberal than Saudi Arabia.

You might get away with linking arms, but that’s about it. However, even though you may see the occasional pair of hot pants, expats are expected to dress modestly in all public areas, even in 40°C temperatures.My relationships with my family and friends back home have suffered a lot.My daughter doesn't know her grandparents and aunts & uncles as much as I'd like them to.I've missed birthday parties, Christmases, funerals, weddings and opportunities to celebrate and lend a hand to people I love.On top of that, life in Doha can really make you grit your teeth.Our neighbours in Saudi Arabia aren’t so fortunate. Just to get in the front door, I have to hand over my mobile phone and go through an LAX-style security screening while my body and bag are searched for hidden cameras or phones.

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