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In any event, with Vector 3, you have to use ‘Option A’ above, since the end of the pedal has the LED status lights on it, so you can’t stick a hex wrench in there.In the case of Vector 3, I use my hands/fingers to get it most of the way in the crank arm, and then a quick twist of a pedal wrench to finish the job: Note, while I have the large pedal wrenches like seen above that are more common, I also bought this tiny little travel bike tool which includes a mini pedal wrench.I cover most of these in more depth throughout the review, so this fits in this section more as a prelude than anything else:– No longer using Exustar pedals: Instead, they internally developed the pedal.The Vector team said that while Exustar served them well, their goal with the pedal body “aimed to be considered like Shimano & Look”.Much of this, of course, is the result of changing everything else within the pedal, like the bearings.– Increased rider weight: The certified weight is 105KG (231 lbs) for rider weight, previously it was 90KG (198 lbs).

For each one, I excluded spacers, since not all cranks/pedals require that. I just weighed one spacer from each, but obviously you need either one or two per pedal, again, depending on your cranks. First, front on: Next, spindle-side: Then the other side: And finally, the rear: To state the obvious, the Vector 3 is the slimmest of the bunch from a sizing standpoint, and the P1 the chunkiest. With all of our sizing goodness out of the way, it’s time to install and start using the darn things.

It’s just that one of those pedals won’t have any sensors/electronics in it.

The left pedal will have sensors, and the right pedal will be a blank.

Now you can use the Garmin Connect Mobile app to update Vector 3 firmware.

That’s due to inclusion of Bluetooth Smart.– Slight increase in spacer size: I think Garmin learned that people put too few spacers on, so you’ll notice the Vector 3 ones are a hair bit thicker so that if someone only puts one on, it’s still safe.

While production was behind schedule and at lesser volumes than Garmin had hoped, many people have seen in the last few days a significant increase in units landing in stores (finally). In this case I’ll be doing an unboxing of the Vector 3 dual-sending set (as opposed to the Vector 3S single-sided pedal).

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