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The moderate powered weapons in each category will be unlocked, including the flame thrower and sniper rifle.

You can check your creds in the stats menu at the pause screen. Weapons (tier 3) While playing the game, press R, Black, L, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down(3).

Maximum fat While playing the game, press Y, Up(2), Left, Right, X, B, Down.

If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. No fat or muscle While playing the game, press Y, Up(2), Left, Right, X, B, Right.

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Note: You must enter this code multiple times to increase your total money.If this code is enabled when your car is smoking or damaged it will get repaired.During various missions where you are in a car while someone else drives and you shoot (for example, Reuniting The Families), enabling this code will instead blow the car up, failing the mission.The least powerful weapons in each category and rocket launcher will be unlocked.To get infinite ammunition for this or the other weapons tiers, repeatedly enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures.Cheat code warning You should be careful on using cheat codes too frequently until you complete the mission where you save Madd Dogg from jumping off the casino rooftop.

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