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I don't understand how the Enve wheels can be that costly.Hope EVO Hubs: 0Derby CF rims: 0Sapim X-Ray Spokes: 0That's a damn nice wide carbon wheelset comparable to the Enves in every way for about 00. And with this build, you don't have to remove the tire and tape to true it. But at that price, you could buy TWO sets of the above and still have 0.Stupid that sc and enve should let bikes ship like this,a freind has the wrong spokes on his build.My previous am enve's however, I owned for 2 years before selling on,never went out of true or needed any attention, I'm sure the new rims built correctly will be the same if not better. Thought it would be a different case with the new M70 rims...nope, friend of mine broke his rear rim after just a few rides...customer service is still sucking.Nobody needs a sub 16 kilogram DH bike, while everybody benefits from having more reliable one.My m70's came as rim only and I've had to wait weeks to get correct spokes,in this case sapim cx ray's,as my wheel builder new not to use other spokes.

CF might be a great material, but it isn't perfect for all applications.I love the idea of a superlight whees but a that price and with all that braking problems im will stay away from Enve wheels Overpriced and underbuilt.I'm convinced carbon can be a great material for bikes but why not make parts that match the weight of top level alu stuff, while being a lot stronger?Or do you think they would blame it on the spoke tension (a factor that is "supposedly" somewhat out of their control)?While I am no wheel building expert, I do know marketing and PR quite well and this wreaks of a "distraction of the truth"..Like the article says "the cost just doesn't seem to match the benefits"Enough said. Didn't crack them, but I get pissed off each time I need to replace a spoke or simply tension it.

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