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Its an art which basically hardly 5% guys can perform it well.

And it goes back and stiffed when not worked upon for few days. do not pressurized the soap water ever, rather use normal water. Avoid using cold water in winters rather use warm water.3.

While doing the penetration exercise use front camera to see what and how you are performing. Last but not the least always use follow the breathing process while penetration, which is the most important parameter. While you penetrating the finger always exhale (Breath out air through ***), because while you breath out your anus ring gets opened making the way for your finger/dildo/toy/*** to pass or slip inside more easily provided if the area it fully lubricated with the ponds body lotion..

i hope my experience would be useful to many.i urge you guys to provide me your valuable replies if i proved fruitful to you somehow.. LOL, I see many gays here trying to stereotype Bisexuals as lairs and cheaters.

Ensure that you have cleaned your entrails thoroughly before going for it. They feel stigma because of criminality attached with it.”“A consensual relationship cannot materialise without the exercise of free choice”“A declaration (that) this relationship is constitutional will remove the ‘ancillary disqualification’ for people joining services, contesting elections.

Use good jelly like KY which soothes the *** tract. It will no longer be seen as moral turpitude.”---------------------------------Justice Indu Malhotra“Over the years, we have created an environment in the Indian society that has led to deep-rooted discrimination against people of same *** involved in a consensual relationship and this has impacted their mental health also.”“Homosexuals face a lot of pressure from parents and society; so they are forced to lead a heterosexual life and…

The fact that guys hide their marital status with their gay partner for *** has nothing to do with whether they are bi or gay. There are a lot of pure bottom or top married gays too do the same.

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