Olsen twin dating older man write a good headline dating

When the guy is basically old enough to be her father, is that just too far into the whole “May-December” romance world?

This rather large age gap is particularly head-turning, since Taylor is still just a teen.Age apparently plays no factor in their romantic relationship, and they seem like they are going strong after dating steadily for more than a year. At 19, Taylor may have a new perspective on men in a couple of years.Cook is a comedian, so Taylor must adore his silly sense of humor, and he must be smitten with his gal’s raw talent and evident beauty. Actress/author/director Amber Tamblyn is 34 years old and has been married to comedian/actor/writer/director David Cross since 2012.Who would have ever expected these two to hit it off, let alone meet in the first place?But cupid has a funny way of bringing people together, and they got hitched in 2015. The two stars make a great looking couple, and the big age difference between them does not seem to faze them.Here are 15 female stars who are dating or married to men old enough to be their father.

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