Ohno satoshi dating

This became a dating 'scandal' for Ohno, since it sure doesnt look like edited and our Riidaa is obviously holding the camera.

Ohno and Kimika first met in stage play "Sengokupuu" in 2003.

They dated for a good 2 years but broke up when Ohno went back to Tokyo, and the thing with Arashi came up.

Obviously an april fool's joke there are no black models in Japan only generic looking white girls. Also they don't seem that close on the show those screen shots are from the first year of the show.

Ohno has always been considered to be the most eccentric out of the members. Like his 3P (threesome) and drug use rumors, of course, being part of Johnny’s golden group, he remained unscathed. Even on the show, Ohno and Marieme’s relationship is considered to be close.

Because of their careers, between his fishing adventures and busy idol schedule, Ohno still finds time to hangout at Marieme’s apartment.

Some say that she is just a deranged Ohno fan and started the rumor herself. This rumor has been one of the most persistent an recurring one online and it is said that it was presumably Mika herself who posted things which contained private and detailed work-related information such as Ohno's work location, work schedule etc.

Obviously it had been a noisy month of July for Ohno.

If something negative should leak, NTV is ready to remove Marieme from Arashi ni Shiyagare and blacklist her from the industry.

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