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Image of wild rain west side click for downpour image....Forecast has more rain chances around 50% into Monday.(.62) East side CWOP automatic station also a second Cocorahs gauge 100 yards distance recorded (.63), and airport (.57).....Rainfall rate peaked at 5" per hour for brief period west side.Welcome to Valentine weather news and information Blog 07/18/2018 Some information for weather geeks you might find interesting on last storm.difference in rain gauges, this was a very wind driven storm. 4" diameter cocorahs with modified extra deep funnel for hail catching.......2.13": 8" diameter NWS style made by Novalynx ..2.21": TE 8" tipping bucket rain gauge calibrated at 4" per hour rate..2.03": Rainwise 111 8" tipping bucket calibrated at 4" per hour rate..2.02" 07/16/2018 Updated images again on 18th: Major thunderstorm with high winds uprooting 2 foot diameter trees and blowing power line down.Climatological Summary numbers are updated and available each day about 5 minutes after midnight with NOAA reports 2018 click for summaries 10: AM Doppler radar storm estimates with yellow and red the heaviest, blue lightest.Click for images, around town and region More thunderstorms are expected to develop late this afternoon and continue into the evening hours. 06/28/2018 Heat index west Valentine (100-102) was common for several hours this afternoon. Strong cap in place so forecast has only slight chance thunderstorm development this evening.

Valentine has been upgraded to Slight Risk severe weather for Thursday, #2 on 0-5 scale. Temperatures above normal, Mean temperature (70.1), or ( 2.6) above normal, average high was (82.8 ), low (58.6).In contrast the Brownlee cher013 (Nebraska Rain site) some 36 miles south only reported a monthly total of (2.83") ? Going west Cody 8.2 SSW another (Nebraska Rain site) reported (6.53") and finally just 16 miles north of Valentine in South Dakota, Olsonville 4.5 SE reported a monthly June total of (7.57") and was highest official amount in immediate area with Valentine airport right behind at (7.30").06/30/2018 11PM update: Another round of heavy rain this evening with peak rainfall rate 3.2" per hr. Rainfall amounts since midnight West side (1.30), Airport (1.14), East side automatic gauge (1.13). Airport monthly total came close to record, adding today's total now reported lower at (1.12") monthly looks like (7.30") preliminary subject to change. In comparison west side Valentine June total this station (5.97"), Monthly summary tomorrow.Not surprising the NWS style 8" diameter gauge caught the most with the tipping buckets unable to keep up even at 4" per hour calibration. Peak wind this station recorded 60 mph behind a group of large trees but estimate 75-80 mph wind in area. This was some of trees down in area most west of main (HW83) with exception of one 1 block east on 3rd St. clink for large tree..., snapped..., uprooted and snapped..., uprooted....clink for large tree on house 1 block east of main...1" possible with storms later today and night with slight chance severe weather which would include large hail and wind.

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