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Under Windows NT, DNS was static and had to be manually altered to make changes.With the advent of Windows 2000, many administrators were elated to hear that it contained a new feature called Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

Perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly, but I don't believe this was a requirement in Server 2003.To access this menu and configure DHCP for dynamic updates: When configuring DDNS, you can Pause the DNS service and change the zone type, as shown in Figure B and Figure C.If you select Active Directory-Integrated, you can choose Secure only from the Dynamic Updates drop-down list.I am on build 10061, but had this issue on the previous build as well.I've got a DHCP server that's configured to "Always dynamically update DNS records". The client sends an Option 81 with its FQDN and all flags at 0.I am able to get connectivity after refreshing my installation.

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