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The Touring stereo display has two small bright trim strips on the ends of the radio's display as seen in this photo Here's the approach light on during the day because a door is open.

Its a small but bright LED that's on when a door is opened or unlocked with the remote.

It means the driver can't control or get more power when needed for passing on hills or 2 lane roads, or for towing a trailer, driving on camping or snowy roads etc.

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But regardless whether its the 6.2" or 7", its all better than what is in the current 2015 models.All models have the silver shift plate except the Tourings with the gloss black shift plate Limited and Touring models have X-mode with hill descent (new on 2014s), and heated seats (all weather pkg).X-mode is a low speed computer controlled program for slippery roads and must be turned on under 12mph, and turns off over 25mph.disable the Forester's keyless access proximity key in order to hide it in the car when camping, swimming, skiing, biking: remove the emergency key to carry with you to get back in the car (yes the alarm will go off when you open the door until you unwrap the proximity key), wrap the proximity key in foil, then hide it and hope no one finds it and steals the car.Other changes should include a more complete phone handsfree bluetooth system with phone-book contact list download, Subaru's Starlink app (currently for Android and i Phone only), Pandora and Aha music app, and FM HD.If as expected, the same two 6.2" and 7" screens currently available on the 2015 Outback, Legacy, Impreza and Crosstrek are used on the 2016 Forester, the 7" screen system is absolutely worth it.The dimming function of the outside side view mirrors is activated by the rear view entire center is dark!

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