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I love how you were able to incorporate the brownie sash and girl scout vest. I have already shared and highly recommended your company to many friends. ""I sent in some of my marathon t-shirts to have a square quilt and two pillows made.Thank you so much for helping me accomplish a 3 year goal in less than a month! In the middle of this process, we were preparing to move.They provided suggestions on how to restore these old shirts.Always pleasant - always responsive - we couldn't be happier and are telling people that this is the quilting company that everyone should pick. The t-shirts were from her two high school varsity sports that she played, field hockey and softball, and will be playing in college. Kristin, IA""My daughter LOVED her T-shirt Quilt that was her high school graduation gift from her father and me!They are always very helpful with any questions I had and just overall great!

She was so excited and teary eyed when she seen it.I received the quilt as a gift and it perfectly used all my old sorority and college shirts. ""The only thing that tops the quality of the actual quilt was the attention to detail that the Customer Service team placed in ensuring that things went smoothly.The service was fast, efficient and very high quality. -Katie, ohio""Terri, Ohio Even though I ordered the quilt on the last day to get my quilt back in time for Christmas, I really didn't think it would be done in time. I received it on Dec 23rd and it was everything I hoped it would be! There were several interchanges - they worked miracles on some very old and tattered samples.I am so blown away with the care and quality of your work. The communication from the company was fantastic and it came out exactly as I had asked. I am definitely sharing the company with my friends and family. I even had a change of plans (though I decide not to do it) and it could have been handled at the last minute had I wanted to.The only way I can explain it is to say that there is so much LOVE in your heart. Makenzie, CT""We saved our shirts over the course of 10 years with the intention of making a quilt... I have another quilt I'd like to do and would trust this company to handle it.This is a beautiful birthday present for my daughter and I know she will appreciate it for the rest of her life. Jennifer-CA""One suggestion - I mailed the tshirts to the wrong address on the order form and Fed Ex did not follow the forwarding instructions like they should. Thank you....can't wait to give it to my parents.""We were so excited when the quilt arrived on the exact day that I requested which was also graduation day! Liz, MA""Kelly Hall, Alabama Thank you so much for a wonderful job!! I was so nervous sending his shirts off but was so pleased when I received my blanket! I posted a picture of it on FB and had several comments wanting to know who I used.

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