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Ratters, often young men, activate the webcams of their victims, often young women, and attempt to capture photos of them nude or having sex.

They can then extort their victims — "slave girls," as they are often dubbed in ratter circles — for additional nude photos.

Assessing Webcam Activation in a Broader Legal Context 9 5.

Webcams have transformed entertainment, medi- cine, home security, and many other fields. 41] could ask to have an additional program installed called the Detective Mode Program which would gather information to prove whether or not the renter that claimed it was stolen was still using it").

Both of these practices have led to egregious privacy violations of innocent people.

Yet because of a minimum damages requirement in the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and outdated language in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, victims of webcam spying have little recourse under federal law.

Rent-to-own stores have installed remote webcam activation capabilities on rental computers and used it to spy on their customers.

Other companies sell remote access software that they activate when a computer is reported stolen, attempting to gather information on the purported thief to hand to the police. 1987) ("A juxtaposition of such contentions trifles with the Court.")).

Private businesses fegulatl'on S t O pf Ote Ct should similarly be banned from employing • i i i , . that inevitably occur when the technology is activated. While there have been successful prosecutions of prominent ratters, there is no law specifically addressing the problem of remote webcam activation. Each of these situations demands action to prevent invasions of privacy through remote webcam activation. But they have also been used to spy on people in shocking ways. 114 Absolute Software, "Recovery Statistics," recoverystatistics. Kelly, in addition to co-owning Aaron's franchise stores, created PC Rental Agent. Currently, webcams can be remotely activated by govern- ments, businesses, or hobbyist hackers known as "ratters," each with a distinct set of goals, but all of whom commit egregious invasions of privacy through remote activation. 115 See Comment of Timothy Kelly (Designer Ware) on Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Designer Ware, LLC, FTC File No. The Constitution guarantees privacy and freedom against unreasonable search- es and seizures by the government.

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