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It gained literary attention in the 1897 novel Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker.Despite the popular image of Dracula having a stake driven through his heart at the conclusion of a climactic battle between Dracula's bodyguards and the heroes, Mina's narrative describes his throat being sliced through by Jonathan Harker's kukri and his heart pierced by Quincey Morris's Bowie knife.The kukri, khukri, and kukkri spellings are of Indian origin,.Burton (1884) writes that the British Museum housed a large kukri-like falchion inscribed with writing in Pali.He was reported to have killed three of the bandits, wounded eight more and forced the rest of the band to flee. The shape varies a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved with angled or smooth spines.There are substantial variations in dimensions and blade thickness depending on intended tasks as well as the region of origin and the smith that produced it.

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Traditionally, the scabbard also holds two smaller blades: an unsharpened chakmak to burnish the blade, and another accessory blade called a karda.

The handles are most often made of hardwood or water buffalo horn, but ivory, bone, and metal handles have also been produced.

The handle quite often has a flared butt that allows better retention in draw cuts and chopping.

Larger examples are impractical for everyday use and are rarely found except in collections or as ceremonial weapons.

Smaller ones are of more limited utility, but very easy to carry.

Some older style scabbards include a pouch for carrying flint or dry tinder.

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