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JAZZ focuses on proper technique & artistry at each level.

Students learn how to stretch and strengthen the muscles; turn, kick, and leap across the floor combinations; and different styles and techniques through a center floor combination.

This class is designed to let the dancer tell a story through a combination of music, lyrics and choreography.

Lyrical classes are offered to students who have shown an advanced level of technical mastery.

Classes will be taught in a supportive and safe environment and will ensure each dancer is developing a love and appreciation for dance that lasts a lifetime.

Our Broadway dance classes are for the dancer who loves to sing, dance, and act.

Ballet training provides the foundation for all other forms of dance.

Ballet students at CSDA will gain grace, posture, confidence, and an appreciation for the most challenging and beautiful form of dance.

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY Jazz is the integration of jazz, ballet, modern and contemporary dance with a focus on self-expression.

Centre Stage has been proud to offer their community a unique artistic experience.

With emphasis being placed on proper technique and healthy lifestyle, an overall well educated dancer emerges from Centre Stage Dance Academy.

We recommend enrollment in at least 1 ballet and jazz class.

The “Toddlers/Tots” program at Centre Stage Dance Academy is designed to help the youngest dancer develop basic dance skills all while having fun!

These classes have featured the talents of Ivan Koumaev (20/20 TOUR, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE), Shoshana Bean (Broadway WICKED, HAIRSPRAY), Rogelio Douglas, Jr (National Tour IN THE HEIGHTS), Eden Espinoza (Broadway WICKED, BROOKLYN), and more.

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