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Within their first day, they intervene in a domestic dispute, try to stop a gang war, and one of them reconnects with an old friend who has turned to the life of crime. A firebomb erupts in the block that Lazarus and Sanchez are watching over, with the crime stemming from a drug war.A rapper-turned-actor named Monsta White (Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones), shadows Jackpot and Khan for a movie role.Mc Laren and Sanchez take part in brothel bust and help a drugged man (Michael Kostroff), jog his memory to help with a case.Kahn and White House encounter Harvey Williams (Giancarlo Esposito), a charismatic hustler who just hit the lotto.

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I’ll admit it: I’ve tried just about every dating site out there.Kahn and Mc Laren try to find a rapist hiding in block party.Jackpot and White House find a skeleton dug up in a construction site, stirring an old missing persons case from fifty years ago. Mc Laren's emotions get the better of him, when a novelist is robbed by a college student for prized books.From Museum Mile in Manhattan to sculpture gardens in Queens, use your “Passport” to visit these amazing cultural destinations.​You may obtain your current semester validation sticker from your school's ID center: 204 Kent Hall for all Columbia University and Barnard students, 160 Thorndike Hall for Teachers College students, or 1-405C P&S for all CUMC students.Mc Laren's father Deputy Inspector Dennis Mc Claren (Robert John Burke) visits the precinct and discourages him from dating Michelle, T-Rex's sister.

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