Itunes song play count not updating


If necessary – for example, if you’re planning to artificially introduce a few tracks into a Smart Playlist – you can use “Ctrl click” to highlight numerous songs to make their play counts uniform.

While i Tunes may have the reputation of restricting user control, quite a bit can be accomplished using scripts.

From the top menu of the primary window, you can see Export to i Tunes Library.

Note: Only when the music is transferred to i Tunes Library, music ratings and play counts will be copied to i Tunes Library as well.

Even i OS devices, like i Phones and i Pads, don’t display how many times you’ve played a track.

Generally, when I plug the i Pod into my PC via USB, all of the Play count and Last played statistics update properly.Yesterday I listened to 5 albums on my i Pod, in the following order: However, when I plugged the i Pod into my PC, i Tunes only showed that I had played the last 2 albums (Led Zeppelin, Underworld) and it was as if the other albums hadn't played (their Last played dates were back in 2010). Why doesn't i Tunes respect my diverse taste in music?Edit: I have since upgraded to i Tunes and I am still seeing this issue, so I am now offering a bounty to anyone who can help me solve this.Highlight a song in i Tunes, then double-click the script. Enter the new play count in the text box and press Enter.5.Check the song’s play count again, and it should match with the value you have entered.The entire process can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

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