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Take care Lucio D'Andrea Lake Ridge, Virginia Patrons are Needed A call for financial support of a new exhibition open to the Pope, the Vatican and the city of Rome.

The Ten Madonnas: New, original sculptures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ as inspired by the medieval hymn, “Tota Pulchra Es, Maria.” Scheduled for the week of December 8th, Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, at the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome. Contact Truby Chiaviello at [email protected] information on becoming a patron.

Small clay models for all ten works (see following images) have already been realized by Dr.

Pascuzzi which include by title: The Nativity, Virgo Lactans, The Madonna of Contemplation, Madonna with Sleeping Jesus, Madonna of Consolation, Madonna of Joy, Madonna of the Goldfinch – Madonna of Prudence, Madonna with Joseph and Jesus – the Madonna of the Family, Madonna of Protection and Madonna of Glory.

FILMS AND DESCRIPTIONS All screenings held at the Walter Reade Theater (165 West 65th Street) unless otherwise noted.

WEEKLONG RUN Ludwig Italy/France/West Germany, 1973, 35mm, 238m Italian, German, and French with English subtitles Visconti’s remarkable film about the life and death of Bavaria’s King Ludwig II is an opulent, complex study of romantic ambition in the era of 19th century decadence.

The following images are clay models of four of the 10 sculptures for the exhibition by Dr. They are titled "Madonna of Glory," "Madonna of Prudence," "Madonna of Family," and "Madonn of Joy." The 10 Madonnas will eventually be executed in high relief and will be life-size. From the clay original a negative cast will be made to produce a positive cast in white resin – a resistant and light material.

The retrospective will showcase the full range of Visconti’s oeuvre, from his debut feature , widely regarded as the first neorealist film, and memorable contributions to the movement including "La Terra trema" and "Rocco and His Brothers"; to masterful literary adaptations "Death in Venice" and "The Stranger"; and sumptuous yet skewering portraits of the aristocracy—"The Damned," which marked his first Academy Award nomination (for screenwriting); " The Leopard," his tour de force Palme d’Or-winning epic; and his final film, "The Innocent." A special highlight is "Ludwig," which follows the life of Bavaria’s controversial King Ludwig II.

The Vatican, through Monsignor Jean-Marie Gervais, expressed its interest in the innovative works by Dr. They proposed an opportunity to exhibit the new statues in a one-week exhibition open to the city of Rome, the Vatican community and to the Pope.

The exhibition of original sculptures depicting the Madonna is based on the medieval hymn “Tota Pulchra Es, Maria.” The ten Madonnas will show each of the attributes of Mary – prudent, merciful, and an intercessor in prayer, as included in the medieval hymn.

An Exhibition of Sacred Works at the Vatican in Rome Titled Tota Pulchra Es, Maria, the project consists of the realization of ten Madonnas by Dr.

Alan Pascuzzi, a world renowned sculptor and art historian from Florence.

She contacted us for the following correction: "Chiriaco Summit did have a motel but it was demolished to make room for new buildings which are up and open.

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